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Complementary Events

  Answers to that last one are: 12/42   or 2/7 9/42  or  3/14 4/42 or 2/21 10/42 or 5/21 Advertisements

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Dependent Events

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Please complete your quizizz by Friday morning at 09h. The code is 797065.  

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Exam on Monday

Alright everybody,  I do believe you’re all ready for the exam but my plans do allow for some flexibility. The exam will happen on Monday.  🙂 Take tomorrow to finish your assignment/study. Take the weekend to study 🙂

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Properties of Quads

Hey everyone, here are some websites you can look at to review the properties of quadrilaterals.

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Angles practice

2 things to correct on the angles sheet. In question 2, the far right given angle should be 120, not 100. In question 3, there is no angle c or d so dont worry about them.

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Quizizz + Hw

Hey guys, the quizizz has been assigned already but I changed one question to make it easier. The code is now 945244. It closes at 09h this Friday morning As for the rest of the homework, we will take … Continue reading

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Maths Assignment

I asked Mr. Anzil about his thoughts on that first question and he agreed with me that the “15%” part did not really suggest it was for both circles. Either way, since I’m evaluating your knowledge and application of circumference … Continue reading

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Just to be clear everyone, for the first question the 15% (43.05)  only refers to one of the smaller circles. Not both. Happy mathing 🙂

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Practice Exam answers

Hey guys, I hope you had a good class today. I may not reply to your questions quickly but I GUARANTEE I will reply to them. In the meantime, here are my steps/answers for the practice exam.

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