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Updates on daily homework.

14 Juin

Can’t wait for Music Day, every group looked so great Essays first thing tomorrow morning at 09h15.  Must be shared with me if you aren’t here. If you’re not here, Happy Eid and have a good weekend! Grade 8s, complete … Continue reading

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12 Juin

Okay here’s the deal. Grade 8s, I wanted your essays tomorrow and I didn’t want to push this any further.  But realistically, one day won’t make much of a difference for me just that I’ll have to mark both the … Continue reading

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11 Juin

Health recaps due by tomorrow night grade 8s Proofread your essays! This is counting for your writing mark! If you haven’t returned your grad form and money, do it! Have a good day

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07 Juin

Lexi, don’t forget to send me your movie. Essays guys. Last major writing assignment, make them worth it! Health due Tuesday grade 8s Madison, if you can, send me your Health PSA (from a while ago).  If not, on Monday … Continue reading

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06 juin

Movies due tomorrow keep working on your essays Various due dates next week. Make sure you’re keeping track of them all. A demain.

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05 juin

Maths homework K, lots of modifications to be aware of grade 8s. You have been given a health project that is due next Tuesday. So far, we have agreed that it will be a recap, with an added task to … Continue reading

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04 June

Work on your essays and make them good! I can’t wait. Movies due thursday, time given tomorrow. Bring back your grad forms. Valedictorian candidates. You present your speeches on Tuesday 12th. If you’re done early, you can run it by … Continue reading

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31 May

NDP song analysis due tomorrow Take the lead due tomorrow Grade 7 History due tonight Grade 8 History Project due Monday 11th (Hannah, Madison, you’ll work together) French essays due Tuesday 12th Movies due next Thursday Bring back grad forms … Continue reading

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30 May

Nothing due tomorrow but you have multiple things happening Drama movies due next week Take the lead due Friday Grade 7 History recap due Friday Bridge project due Monday Grade 8s, grad form + money + moving up registration to … Continue reading

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29 May

I wish reflections due tomorrow. ( Listen to one person’s wish, then write a 1 paragraph response to them. Talk about how you like/dislike the wish, how you think it is important/fun/interesting. Maybe give advice as to how they can … Continue reading

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