Sayoonara πŸ™‚

Have a good summer everyone.

7s, wish you all the best next year in grade 8. You are ready and will amaze your teacher.

The Magnificent 11s, wish you all the best in high school. Keep in touch (btw, my tdsb email will no longer be active) and even though I’m moving far away, I sure hope today wasn’t the last time we saw each other.

All the best.

Lots of love,

Mr. Anseline


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15 Responses to Sayoonara πŸ™‚

  1. Saeed hashimi says:

    Dw mr.anseline, we will all miss you,
    And so will i


  2. Saeed hashimi says:

    Also, today was the last day we saw each other…
    Have a good summer vacation everyone


  3. Saeed hashimi says:

    Bye Mr.Anseline!


  4. Saeed hashimi says:

    You too Mr.Anseline!


  5. Saeed hashimi says:

    Aryan mr.anseline wont be here


  6. Saeed hashimi says:

    At bloorlea


  7. A. Mahajan says:

    Ok let me simplify this for you.
    I know that mr. anseline will not be here since he’s moving to Japan to teach there
    and by visiting, I mean i will visit Bloorlea not to only see the teachers, but also my friends.
    I’m aware that some may not come back like Ms. Handiak or Mr. Chiapetta.
    But I will visit other teachers like ms. Polley or mme. Jacinto, as they are STAYING.
    Sorry to rant like this, but I find it really irritating that you don’t get it.


  8. Nicola Shoe says:

    Mr. Chiappetta is a teacher at my summer school.
    (random fact)


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