26 Juin

  • Scrapbooks πŸ™‚
  • Form and money for the trip
  • I need a volunteer! No volunteers = no movie
  • Give report card to your parents.

You were great today guys, awesome as always.

A demain.

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10 Responses to 26 Juin

  1. Thatkidwhocaresabouteveryone says:

    The movie was amazing.
    I really liked it

    Guys, watch Incredibles 3?
    Idc ill wait another 13 YEARS for the next movie.
    I really want to see it!!


  2. Nicola Shoe πŸ‘ž says:

    Do we bring our binders tomorrow?


  3. Mallark. says:

    Mr anseline if ur at school tmrw can I swing by? I forgot my mailbox. So can u just bring it out pls


  4. A. Mahajan says:

    Going to your school? I thought the same thing.


  5. Nicola Shoe πŸ‘ž says:

    Can u please post the music day dances?


    • Anseline-sensei says:

      Just being too busy right now, a week at the beach then a 25km race tomorrow up the mountains of mauritius. It’s only next week that I may have some time. Sry 😁


  6. syed says:

    he posted on youtube lol


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