31 May

  • NDP song analysis due tomorrow
  • Take the lead due tomorrow
  • Grade 7 History due tonight
  • Grade 8 History Project due Monday 11th (Hannah, Madison, you’ll work together)
  • French essays due Tuesday 12th
  • Movies due next Thursday
  • Bring back grad forms and money

Hope you feel better Hannah and Madison.

Have a good afternoon everyone.

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12 Responses to 31 May

  1. benni2018_super says:

    How much quotes do we need for the NDP analysis?


  2. Mallark says:

    Mr Anseline like I think we were supposed to talk about what I’m supposed to do for the dance thing today… but I wasn’t here. Am I allowed to hand in an NQA if it comes to that? Because when we talked about it yesterday you said u u derstood that it was partner work that maddie already started and I got a new page i had to finish my self.just wondering like what I should do… I’ll work on it a bit I’m feeling a bit better… finally stopped throwing up lol


  3. MasterAhmet35 says:

    Mr anseline the recap says that the history is due tomorrow night not tonight


  4. MasterAhmet35 says:

    Oh fine


  5. Saleha says:

    If I’m working with a partner for dance, can we just hand in one nqa or do we need to hand in two?


  6. Anseline says:

    Hmm I think that 1 should be fine. 🤔


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