29 May

  • I wish reflections due tomorrow. ( Listen to one person’s wish, then write a 1 paragraph response to them. Talk about how you like/dislike the wish, how you think it is important/fun/interesting. Maybe give advice as to how they can achieve it.)
  • Maths package due tomorrow
  • History due by Friday morning (grade 7s)
  • Grade 8s, have an essay topic chosen by Thursday. I will model how to do these compare & contrast essays.
  • 5$ + grad form due asap.

A demain.

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8 Responses to 29 May

  1. Mallark says:

    Mr anseline i’m doing my wish thing on google docs, do i have to print it tmrw or is it fine if its just shared? also i forgot to hand in my math in the afternoon today sry, Ill give it to u tmrw


  2. Mallark says:

    also can I get a copy of the dance thing tmrw, because I don’t know when maddies coming back and shes my partner sooo…. she has the sheet and I cant work on it and its due on friday.


  3. Nicola Shoe says:

    Does the I wish response have to be typed


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