24 May

Okay, so as agreed:

  • Recap due TONIGHT for the I wish presentations. Since this option has been given to you, put in your best effort.  Code is EJSVCPH
  • I wish photos due tonight as well, if I don’t already have them.
  • I wish written responses due next wednesday.
  • Grade 7s, history recap is due next Thursday
  • Grade 8s, all maths labs due Tuesday (final).
  • Filming for your movies may start tomorrow.
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10 Responses to 24 May

  1. Mallark says:

    did u get my recap?


  2. Sania says:

    Do we get time in class to work on the take the lead worksheet?


  3. Safia says:

    When’s NDDP due?


  4. A. Mahajan says:

    I’m doing my recap at 11:58
    Just Kidding! 😀


  5. Sania says:

    Also did you get my recap because i sent it but it’s not showing.


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