18 May

What an incredible trip πŸ™‚ Grade 8s, thank you. You were fabulous.

  • No school on Monday! Enjoy your long weekend!
  • I wish photos. All of them due on Thursday. That includes your edited “wish” on it. Make sure the photo is valid too, if not, I’ll ask you to take another one.
  • Movie Scripts. You will have one period on Tuesday to finish them off and edit. They are due on Wednesday. (Printed with all names/studio name on it)
  • Grade 8 history – We will talk about it next history class. Till then, don’t worry about it.
  • Don’t know if I missed anything, but if I did, ask in the comments.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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11 Responses to 18 May

  1. Meg.TurquoiseLover says:

    Mr.Anseline did you have fun on your trip? For science, for safety what does it mean by considerations it has?


    • D. Anseline says:

      it was a great trip megha πŸ‘. Hmm any special design or things that are meant to insure safety of the structure. Against disasters and weather especially.


  2. Meg.TurquoiseLover says:

    thank you


  3. benni2018_super says:

    Is the wish presentations due on Tuesday?


  4. Nicola Shoe says:

    mr. anseline, when is the science famous structures project due?
    Thank You


  5. lexi says:

    what day is it tomorrow


  6. Mallark says:

    Mr Anseline the summary for chapter 6 isn’t due tmrw right?


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