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31 May

NDP song analysis due tomorrow Take the lead due tomorrow Grade 7 History due tonight Grade 8 History Project due Monday 11th (Hannah, Madison, you’ll work together) French essays due Tuesday 12th Movies due next Thursday Bring back grad forms … Continue reading

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30 May

Nothing due tomorrow but you have multiple things happening Drama movies due next week Take the lead due Friday Grade 7 History recap due Friday Bridge project due Monday Grade 8s, grad form + money + moving up registration to … Continue reading

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Protected: Gr.7 Bake Sale

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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29 May

I wish reflections due tomorrow. ( Listen to one person’s wish, then write a 1 paragraph response to them. Talk about how you like/dislike the wish, how you think it is important/fun/interesting. Maybe give advice as to how they can … Continue reading

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28 May

Hi all. Extensions: – NDP song analysis now due Friday –  Take the lead questions now due Friday NDP homework due tomorrow I WISH reflections due wednesday Bridge Project due next Monday Movies due next Thursday Bon après-midi.

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25 May

Take the lead analysis – Due Wednesday  I WISH Written responses – Due Wednesday Notre Dame de Paris Character/Song Analysis – Tuesday NDP Homework (in the book) – Tuesday Gr.7 History – Due Thursday Gr. 8 Maths Labs – All … Continue reading

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24 May

Okay, so as agreed: Recap due TONIGHT for the I wish presentations. Since this option has been given to you, put in your best effort.  Code is EJSVCPH I wish photos due tonight as well, if I don’t already have them. … Continue reading

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23 May

I Wish presentations tomorrow. Have your photo + wish ready. Dance reflections due next week (next day 2) Maths Labs 1, 2 and 3 – Final Due date is next Tuesday Grade 7s, you should finish your books by tonight. … Continue reading

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22 May

Maths Lab 1 due Thursday We’ll read NDP 6 tomorrow Grade 8s, yes, that means you don’t have to summarize it. There’ll be work associated with the song. Grade 7s, gotta finish reading the book. Scripts due tomorrow Music Day- … Continue reading

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18 May

What an incredible trip 🙂 Grade 8s, thank you. You were fabulous. No school on Monday! Enjoy your long weekend! I wish photos. All of them due on Thursday. That includes your edited “wish” on it. Make sure the photo … Continue reading

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