21 Feb

Post is late my bad.

  • French Speech Contest tomorrow morning.
  • In class speeches are officially moved to next week on Wednesday.
    (You can still present this Friday if you’re ready)
  • Critiques due on the 7th of March – 30 lines max
  • 8s – Maths Answers to the practice sheet will be posted soon

That’s all. A demain.

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5 Responses to 21 Feb

  1. M.TurquoiseFan says:

    Mr.Anseline i don’t understand do you mean that tomorrow we have to present in the speech contest???


  2. M.TurquoiseFan says:

    I am starting to panick!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Nicola Shoe says:

    Thatโ€™s for if u want to present in front of all of the French students in the contest. Not the class one


  4. D. Anseline says:

    Thnx Nicola. And whos turquoisefan?


  5. Meg.TurquoiseLover says:

    i am Megha.Turquoise fan

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