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28 Feb

Speeches continue tomorrow, well done today. No maths homework Scrapbook and critique due next week LTM 4 due tomorrow. No presentations but we are moving on to LTM5. Grade 8s, we are congregating together tomorrow morning for a small meeting … Continue reading

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27 Feb

Speeches tomorrow 8s – Skills Assembly (hopefully) Science Quiz Tomorrow for 8s Have a good trip Saleha!!! Aryan, please check your house/bedroom for the musical script See you tomorrow everybody.

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26 Feb

Grad photos tomorrow. Dress up nicely and don’t be late No maths homework. You’ll get time in class to finish the sheet Learn your speeches for Wednesday Cinefranco Critique due next Wednesday. Start soon, you’ll forget the details if you … Continue reading

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Dreams dreams dreams

Again, keeping in line with what we did on Friday. Something to read and think about…

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23 February

Have a good weekend everyone Speeches presented on Wednesday Grad Photos on Tuesday Happy Birthday Madison!!! (Sunday) Send me your selfies from today by Sunday night please (If you didn’t take one, you will spend another day together) Again, wishing … Continue reading

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Raam, or anyone else who wants more practice,  here you go. Combining Like Terms (Distributive Property)

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Maths Practice Answers

Starving and still took the time to do this first before eating. Here you go people.

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22 Feb

Hi all. 7s, LTM 4 due on the 1st of March Learn your speeches, you present Wednesday. All of you. Conditionnel sheet NOT homework 8s – Maths practice answers posted soon 7s  – Return your geo textbooks tomorrow Good work … Continue reading

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Practice Sheet Answers

Here you go.  Most of the answers were done by Ben.  I checked them and it’s good.  Let me know if you have questions or if I missed something.

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21 Feb

Post is late my bad. French Speech Contest tomorrow morning. In class speeches are officially moved to next week on Wednesday. (You can still present this Friday if you’re ready) Critiques due on the 7th of March – 30 lines … Continue reading

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