08 November

– French sheet on la cigale et la fourmi due tomorrow (hand in to the blue bin)
– “Continue la fable” due on the 14th (next tuesday)
– Be ready to get even further on your choreographies tomorrow
– Return interview forms (on my desk)
– Science Project due tomorrow for 8s

Thank you Arhum for putting the chairs up. Really appreciate it.

I think that’s all. If you have any questions, let me know.

Have a good day everyone.


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6 Responses to 08 November

  1. Mallark says:

    for the faible sheet its only the first 4 questions right? not the travail ecrit


  2. Mallark says:

    ik u said that in class im just double checking


  3. Benni says:

    What is the difference between question 3 and 4?


  4. Mr.Muchacho says:

    Yea Mallark, travail ecrit due next tuesday. Abii n Ben, Q3 asks you to interpret the author’s intention with writing such a fable. Q4 asks you to think of the best “morale” to learn from the story and explain how/why.


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