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Thriller Dance

Hey guys, here’s the video. This is after a long day so I am not at my best 😛  But it should be good enough for anyone who wishes to practice. Cheers. Advertisements

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29 Nov

I have 20 out of 26 French papers. (2 of which are Zona and Shakeera because they were at the tournament)  Whoever did not hand in, you better have a proper explanation. Grade 8s, get caught up on your centres. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Syed!!

I know this is late, but all that marking took my mind off everything on Sunday. Anywhozzles, here’s wishing Syed a Happy Belated Birthday!!! 😛

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Les climats

Voici 2 liens où tu peux lire à propos des climats.

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Angles practice

2 things to correct on the angles sheet. In question 2, the far right given angle should be 120, not 100. In question 3, there is no angle c or d so dont worry about them.

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28 Nov

– French is due tomorrow. You will have period 5 to complete it. – Gr.7s, take your individual scenes and fix them. That’s all. A demain.  

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27 Nov

Gr.8s have maths homework French due for both grades on wednesday That’s all Have a good afternoon everyone.

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Smartphone effects

A good read.

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24 Nov

Yet another week over. There’s Maths h/w for the gr.8s. Have a great weekend everyone. Love you all. And get ready, it’s raining on Monday! 😎😜

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23 Nov

– Gr. 7 Science Test tomorrow – I think there’s no other thing. Big thank you to everyone involved in the Spelling Bee today. Couldn’t have done it without you. A demain.

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