Geo website Gr.8

Vous pouvez utiliser ce siteweb pour votre recherche.

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4 Responses to Geo website Gr.8

  1. Colter says:

    For geography centres, I realized something. For every country if you add up the total of all the numbers of one gender, it always equals 100. For example if I added all the male numbers of India I would get 100. If I added every number from male and female from every country I would get 800. This got me thinking, this isn’t the amount of people in the country. Its the percent the age group is of that country.


  2. D. Anseline says:

    Keen observation. Population pyramid can usually be done with both the amount of people and the percentage the age group represents. I guess we all assumed it was the amount of people. Regardless though, it shouldn’t change the shape of your pyramid or your inferences and analysis of it.


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