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Joyeux Anniversaire!

I know we sorta celebrated it yesterday already but still, here’s wishing Saleha a Happy Birthday πŸ™‚ Have a good one! Advertisements

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29 September

Hey guys, sorry for the late post. Although, I’m pretty sure you’re reading this on Sunday night. πŸ™‚ Few things to keep in mind: -I need those pictures + quotes – After 24 emails, 4 conversations with the principal and … Continue reading

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Answers to exam practice questions

Albert has a collection of 140 Lego pieces. Two fifths of those are yellow and 28% are red. The rest are blue. (i) How many Lego pieces are blue? Two fifths = 40% Yellow + Red = 68% Blue = … Continue reading

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Final practice numbers

Hi. Sorry for lateness, it’s been total madness this afternoon, not a second to breathe. Here are the 2 percent word problems and the 2 order of ops questions. Take your time and do them. I’ll post answers in a … Continue reading

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28 Septembre

Gr.8s – Maths homework posted later on tonight (I’ll be as quick as I can), answers posted shortly after Gr.8s- Geography homework for next week, complete the map + answer every question except the last one Gr.7s- Geography project due … Continue reading

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27 September

Gr8s – Maths Homework for tomorrow. Exam happens this Friday. Scrapbook due on the 5th October. (Page d’intro + Lettre + September page) Β You can have the september title page and your intro page together. Photos + quotes, send them … Continue reading

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26 September

πŸ˜€ I’m still laughing. Really hot and wild afternoon, but you guys make it all worth it πŸ™‚ Thanks. Thank you Colter, Hannah and Safia for your help carrying the supplies and for helping putting them away. Gr.8s – Maths … Continue reading

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No Practice Tomorrow!

Hello. To everyone concerned, please be aware that Bordenball Practice tomorrow is CANCELLED due to the current high temperatures. Please communicate this to anyone who may not visit the website in time.  

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Practice Exam

Grade 8s, complete your practice exam for tomorrow. Come with any questions/concept you would like to review. As of now, exam is still on Wednesday.

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25 September

Complete Maths practice exam for tomorrow Gr8s. Come with questions Send to pictures/quotes to me. Any questionnaires from parents? High possibility of us doing health tomorrow. Anyone who hasn’t submitted their work, have it done for tomorrow. Bordenball Practice tomorrow … Continue reading

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