12 June

Congratulations to Aryan 🙂  Can’t wait to see you in action.

  • Maths Assignment: Tentative due date is tomorrow, deadline Wednesday.
  • Science Quest: Thursday
  • All remaining art due tomorrow.  Dot Art or Skyline.
  • Once again, well done on your French write-ups. The majority of the class can be proud of their work.

    Science Topics To Study 

– Forms of Structures (3 basic ones)
– Centre of gravity
– Stability
– Forces acting on a structure (internal and external)

Your handouts and activity sheets are all you need as study material.

Have a good afternoon 7B.

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3 Responses to 12 June

  1. YANAR😉 says:

    Thanks Mr. Anseline
    The song I’m singing is a mystery. Don’t ask me what it is.


  2. maha says:

    Mr.Anseline thx for the hw and second of all didn’t me and yash hand in our assignments. we are partners so coould you erase our names from the ” Wanted” assignments list plz and thank you


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