23 May

  • No homework
  • Finish up and start practicing your French presentations
  • Form + money for CN tower trip
  • Science Maquettes: Start taking them home. End of year clean-up is approaching.

Wednesday and Thursday: You come to Room 113 tomorrow for music. Mr. Chiappetta will be supervising EQAO

!B7 noonretfa doog a evaH

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10 Responses to 23 May

  1. Yashy says:

    Thx for homework


  2. Anonymous says:

    !oot uoY .enilesnA .rM uoy knahT


  3. Omar says:

    ouy Knaht


  4. momo says:

    EQAO? what!


  5. Ilwat💖 says:

    Thx for the homework 🙂


  6. Saleha says:

    Od ot gniog ew era thaw no sicum emit?


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