03 May

  • Into the Woods performance TONIGHT!!! Huge Bravo to our 7B cast members. I am a proud teacher to witness the culmination of months of hard work and the celebration of their talents. Bloody well done !
  • Maths Quiz tomorrow on Total Surface Area and units of area.  NO VOLUME on the quiz. Into the Woods members can do the quiz on Monday if they so wish. 
  • Happy Birthday Daniel!

Have a good afternoon everyone.

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4 Responses to 03 May

  1. Mallark says:

    Thanks Mr. A, its been crazy nights cuz of the english project due on friday, that the rest of the class got this weeks classes for but the into the woods kids dont, exept for tomorrow. So i hope i’m not the only one who uses the monday test thing but thx.

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    • D. Anseline says:

      You’re welcome. I was thinking about you guys performing tonight and tomorrow night. You all very well deserve to be given some stress relief wherever possible. Proud of you!

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  2. Ilwat💖 says:

    Thanks for the homework. And happy birthday Daniel!!! 🙂

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  3. Ballerfrmda6 says:

    Happy birthday Daniel!! 🙂


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