27 January

  • Good work on your trailers. They are turning out well and some of your ideas are brilliant 🙂
  • Trailers are due on Tuesday.
  • Permission form + money (don’t make me chase you for these)

Enjoy your weekend!!! See you next week.




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12 Responses to 27 January

  1. Abdullah says:

    when all your friends are partying at night and you have to go to air cadets…


  2. Omar says:

    Thanks for the post. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!


  3. Abdullah says:

    for anyone in Mr. Anseline’s class, since you are watching death note i dare you to watch this


  4. Yash🌸🌺👻☃️🐬🐶 says:

    Thx for homework


  5. WHOisARHUM???? says:

    for the essay what are the topics mr anseline


  6. D. Anseline says:

    Yay, Miss France is the new Miss Universe 😀


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