08 November

  • Maths Homework – “thinking of a number” , other side is optional
  • Record your “monde parfait” and send to me

Have a good afternoon everyone!

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21 Responses to 08 November

  1. Emma gummy bear Watson says:

    Thx I’m at gaby with Sherway


  2. Ilwat💖 says:

    Thx for the homework Mr.Anseline! 🙂


  3. Yash says:

    Thx for the homework

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  4. Yash says:


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  5. D. Anseline says:

    Daniel, Alexa, Lexi. Received your recordings. Thanks!


  6. Abia likes cheese says:

    Tysm 4 de hw (:


  7. Arhum says:

    Mr. Anseline i was doing the part e of the math homework and I think it’s written incorrect.we cannot solve when 9x+14 is written but when we change the plus sign to negative then it gives correct answer.


  8. Rayan says:

    This is for 2nd page of home work question (e) 9x+14 should be 9x-14=74-2x


  9. Momo says:

    Donald Trump won the election


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