21 Oct

Have a wonderful weekend 7B!

  • Only work to do is your samurai project.

I’ll post pics and vids at some point this weekend. πŸ™‚


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12 Responses to 21 Oct

  1. ayan says:

    Yay first


  2. benni_super2016 says:

    Pics and vids for what?


    • Abia likes cheese says:

      Maybe like when he was recording us doing the boomwhacker thingy, door decorating, escape room results and so on. We never notice him recording o_o


  3. Abia likes cheese says:

    I was SO close to being first! OMGG WHYYYY. Whatever xD I’ll be first someday :p Until then, ty for the hw.

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  4. Abdullah says:

    lol i got skype today and an email


  5. Abia likes cheese says:

    saleha u forgot to do a name


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