Monday 17th

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a good weekend.

Few things for tomorrow.

-Your Chapter 6 points are due. (Preferably through Google Drive.)

-We will be using the morning to finalize the details of our responsibility assembly. That means choosing the right questions, making the jeopardy game and also going around the school filming teacher videos.

-Ayan and Nik, you need to do your Maths Quest.

-Hannah, Colter and Ayaan, you need to hand in your Salle d’Γ©vasion writing.

– Your cahier and maths quests are in your mailboxes. I’m sorry it was so long for a quest, but you did very well. 86% class average.

– Remember to have your parents fill out the questionnaires and bring them back to me.

I think that’s all.

Good luck to Emma, Alexa, Lexi and Hannah as they represent Bloorlea at the football tournament tomorrow!

A demain. πŸ™‚

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4 Responses to Monday 17th

  1. benni_super2016 says:

    When will u mark the french points?


  2. benni_super2016 says:

    oh ok


  3. benni_super2016 says:

    So we won’t be doing french tomorrow?


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