28 September

Hi everyone, due to the workload that you currently have,

the only homework you have today is :

  • Tatouages. Donne ton opinion et explique pourquoi.
  • You can work on the questions for Chapter 1 and 2 in class tomorrow!

Have a good afternoon! A demain!

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8 Responses to 28 September

  1. Aryaniarana says:

    Hi guys I’m on Quebec


  2. Anonymous says:



  3. benni_super2016 says:

    thanks mr.anseline


  4. Ilwat💖 says:

    Thx for the homework Mr. Anseline! Sorry this is late, I just checked the website. (Btw I DID NOT slap my face yet. 🙂


  5. Abia likes cheese says:

    YEY! This means we don’t have that kimono homework thing? The thing where we read the chapters and answer questions? Tysm if not lol. Idk so, Imma do it anyways 😀


  6. Aryan lol says:

    Oops sorry that was me😁😂


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