20 September

There is no homework today

Remember to bring forms and agenda money

Tomorrow is curriculum night!

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13 Responses to 20 September

  1. Abdullah says:

    why didnt it change to my new name wot


  2. Abdullah says:

    ai haev rilly gud grammer


  3. D. Anseline says:

    Funny how I’m only hearing from you on the website now, even though we’re hallway neighbours. πŸ˜›


  4. IlwatπŸ’– says:

    Mr. Anseline, Didn’t you say there was math homework sheet on dividing decimals? (But you didn’t give it to us though) Thx for the homework! πŸ™‚


  5. Mr.Baran says:

    Have a great day Mr.Anseline’s class!


  6. GπŸ†ŽY says:

    aint the mint autochones trank the europeens???


  7. D. Anseline says:

    Yeah we’ll do the maths work tomorrow in class.


  8. Sam says:

    Paige’s b-day is tomorrow yay

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