28 June

We’ll continue the party and welcome summer vacation tomorrow.

  • Make sure to bring all your NQAs.

Madison, have a great summer! Ayan and Elizabeth, hope to see you tomorrow. Hannah, good luck tonight and I hope you feel better.

Everyone, congrats on a successful second term. Focus on all the positives in your report card 🙂

Have a great afternoon.

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30 Responses to 28 June

  1. Cookie Monster says:

    Thank you so much for ezone today mr. Anseline! It was really fun!


  2. Mallark says:

    Thx for the homework and for the good luck! Thx for exile it was fun!


  3. Mallark says:

    Ezone not exile


  4. Mr.Baran says:

    I am so sad because tomorrow is the last day of school. I think I may man tear.


  5. Ilwat💖 says:

    Thx for the homework Mr.Anseline! And for taking us to E-zone! Are you absolutely SURE that we don’t need anything for tomorrow? Have a great afternoon! 🙂


  6. AbdulSmash says:

    Thank you so much for the fun trip today Mr. Anseline! It was really fun and i enjoyed it a lot.
    Congrats Alexa and Lexi for getting principal’s list you both really deserved it!
    Today was so fun i wish we could go again


  7. Cookie Monster says:

    Thank you Abdullah


  8. I don’t have any NQA’s :(. Lost one and used one.


  9. Thx for taking us to ezone Mr Anseline. sry that was late I took an 1 hour nap


  10. Ilwat💖 says:

    Are you SURE Mr.Anseline?? 😦


  11. Ilwat💖 says:

    Nvm sorry to bother you Mr.Anseline I won’t be needing my school stuff anyways.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi hi hi hi


  13. storyteller😉 says:

    I GOT STRAIT A’S omg omg omg😱😱😱😂


  14. AbdulSmash says:

    the only thing that messed me and josh up for the a’s was art literally. for once i got A- in gym but in art and music i got B+ and for some reason i got 2 b’s in english


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