02 June

  • Social Studies Presentations tomorrow
  • No homework
  • Work on your reports
  • Theatre Workshop Money!

Have a good afternoon!

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34 Responses to 02 June

  1. Cookie Monster says:

    Thank you for the homework mr. AnselineπŸ™‚


  2. Emma gummy bear Watson says:

    2nd thx for homework


  3. Mallark says:

    Thx for the homework!


  4. IlwatπŸ’– says:

    Thx for the homework Mr. Anseline!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. AbdulSmash says:

    thx for the homework mr anseline
    do we need to bring a lunch tomorrow if we are coming to the eco club party?
    josh this will answer you too


  6. Mr.Baran says:

    Have a super sunny day everyone!


  7. IlwatπŸ’– says:

    Ayan remember to practice your social studies. Just sayin πŸ™‚


  8. Mr.Baran says:

    Thank you to Mustafa and Abdullah for staying after school to work on our social studies I am greatly impressed


  9. D. Anseline says:

    Thanks to all 3 of you. Your commitment is really appreciated and makes me proud πŸ˜‰


  10. AbdulSmash says:

    Y’all better prepare yourselfs. I am doing another english presentation and this one will be MUCH better.


  11. Ayan says:

    Ok Ilwat


  12. Mr. Anseline can I use cue cards for my presentation because it has 7 paragraphs and they are pretty big


  13. AbdulSmash says:

    lol, i dont think anyone would care but i was just playing minecraft, there was a problem between tuo hong and hussein from 6/7D and i tried to defend hussein but tuo hong says KYS (kill yourself) because apparantly i wasnt in the argument. Then his friend is like KYS b word. Lol, so mad that i tried to defend hussein


  14. Maha says:

    Thx mr.anseline, Mr.anseline are we suppose to write the good the good copy of our reports and then give it to you tomorrow?


  15. π“ƒπ‘’π“Žπ“‚π’Άπ“‡_π“‡π“Šπ“π‘’π“ˆ_π“Œπ‘œπ“‡π“π’Ή(π’Άπ“‡π’½π“Šπ“‚) says:

    Mr.Anseline if we are walking to E-ZONE isn’t it pretty far cause it 2 times t\he walk from bloorlea to cloverdale. Im just saying because i can walk veeeerrryyy πŸ‘£ πŸ‘£ πŸ‘£ far.😁✌️


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