30 May

  • Maths H/W
  • Research for your rapport (any changes to your sections or sub-sections?)
  • Theatre Workshop (Form + Money)


  • Social Studies Presentation
  • Algebra Quiz 2
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24 Responses to 30 May

  1. Mr.Baran says:

    Super Josh is first!


  2. IlwatπŸ’– says:

    Thx for the homework Mr. Anseline!!!!! πŸ™‚ The hour of EQAO was the quietest hour of my life.


  3. Mallark says:

    thx for the homework! lol i was playing outside


  4. I have nothing to say so…………………. thank you for the h.w. post?


  5. Emma gummy bear Watson says:

    Thx for homework


  6. Maha says:

    Thx for the homework mr.anseline


  7. Mr.Anseline I don’t get 4(c) on the homework. I got 4+9+20-135. I can’t get a exact number for that.


  8. Mallark says:

    Mufasa I got the same and I never said u were dumb. tee hee

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  9. Mr.Baran says:

    I am a genius!

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  10. Mr.Baran says:

    Just a little reminder to the boys soccer team that there is a game against the Bloorlea staff and we will destroy them!


  11. I know right MILAIN, COSTUS, CHRIS, ALLY, SHERRIFF, AND MIKE are great.


  12. Mr.Anseline I think I lost my math homework sheet, I think I might have dropped it while I was walking home I tried to look for it but I could not find it, so could I hand in a NQA tomorrow and get a new sheet btw I am really sorry 😦


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