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Lost books

So today, I had to walk into my library and tell them I Iost two books. The cost to replace both books is $76 and they felt bad about charging me this much so they gave me another 2 weeks … Continue reading

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29 April

Ethan Stories (everyone must hand in the story with corrected mistakes, some must submit an improved story) Excursion form + money Briarcrest soccer girls, sign and return the form Maths Assignment due on Tuesday Have a wonderful weekend boys and … Continue reading

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28 April

La journée de _________ Excursion form + money Ethan rewrites/redos Monday

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27 April

LBB Chapter 8 due tomorrow Excursion form+money Signed test La journee de _____ Friday Ethan story rewrites/redos – I’ll give you till Monday.

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26 April

LBB Questions+Vocab Due Thursday La journée de_____ moved to Friday Ethan story rewrites/redos Friday Excursion form + money Have a good afternoon 6B!! 🙂

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25 April

Surface Area Quiz tomorrow Vertebrates Poster to be handed in tomorrow Ethan Story Re-submits by Friday Excursion form  + money Upcoming: La journée de_______ – Thursday

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Hello 6B and 6B Parents, Our website is getting some really cool attention. The Marketing Specialist at has contacted me and kindly asked that we add their website to our list of useful links. You will therefore now find … Continue reading

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22 April

Vertebrates assignment – The questions/answers are due Monday. The poster itself can be submitted on Tuesday. Reminder that you have a Maths quiz on Tuesday Excursion form + money Have a great weekend 6B! You’re awesome!

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21 April

Français – First side Ethan Story (to be typed or shared with me on Google Drive) 6B Pink day Tomorrow! 🙂 Have a good afternoon

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20 April

Interesting discussions today. 🙂 LBB 5 for tomorrow Have a great afternoon.

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