Le Petit Prince Trip

Hello students and parents,

I mentioned in class today that there has been a slight change to our schedule on Friday.

The movie screening doesn’t start till 13h20, which means we will leave Bloorlea around 11h30 Β and come back around 16h.

The permission form had a return time of “15h30” but that will not be possible anymore. Any arrangement you make, whether it’s being picked up from the Queensway Cinemas or wanting to go home directly from the cinema has to be put in writing. Otherwise, everybody will be coming back to Bloorlea after the movie.

Thank you for understanding.

See you all Friday.

D. Anseline

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13 Responses to Le Petit Prince Trip

  1. Ilwat says:

    Don’t worry Mr. Anseline I remembered and told my mother.


  2. Abdullah is Spongebob lol says:

    lol i forgot but i saw this told my mother too


  3. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    Yeah me too. I had forgot and then checked here and I was like oh yeahhhh.


  4. Storyteller πŸ˜‰ says:

    Talk about timing 😝


  5. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    WAT ……… I don’t understand.


  6. Cookie Monster says:

    Thanks for the amazing trip mr. Anseline! I had a great time and the movie was awesome! Thanks again for everything!πŸ˜€


  7. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    Mr.Anseline I loved this trip. Thank you so much. I was about to cry once or twice during the movie. Though I still highly loved this trip. Thank you so much for everything. But I still think the book was better. πŸ™‚


  8. Mallark says:

    Thx for the trip Mr. Anseline! I had so much fun!


  9. Abia likes cheese says:

    The little prince? Why on earth is there still this here? Its 7B now. Wat the.. O_O


  10. IlwatπŸ’– says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww πŸ˜€


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