Eatonville confirmed

Hi 6B,

Our trip to Eatonville library has been confirmed for Tuesday morning.

So when you come in on Tuesday, keep your jackets on and only take the stuff you will need for your research:

  • books

  • binders/duo-tangs

  • paper/pencil

  • any electronics you will want to use

We’ve been given 6 computers from 09h15 to 10h15.  (1 per group) However,  you might not need to use them since you already have your classroom info sheets + the Eatonville books + I’ll be bringing some of my own books for you to look through.

I would assume the second requirement of the video is what you’d need to research on the net.

Anyway, have a good weekend. Happy Easter again!

P.S. : Reminder that some people STILL need to give me their permission form + money for LPP.  Have them submitted on Tuesday. 

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44 Responses to Eatonville confirmed

  1. Mallark says:

    ok lol. FIRST

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mallark says:

    btw nice new photo. 🙂


  3. D. Anseline says:

    Thanks 🙂 Wow, can’t believe you’re checking the website in the middle of a long weekend. That’s awesome. Good for you!


    • Mr.MadGenius (Rayan) says:

      Happy Easter Mr. Angeline and everyone.
      Just a question? Is the soccer try outs on Tuesday at 8 in the gym and how many pages can the part 2 reflection of the little prince


      • D. Anseline says:

        08h in the gym Tuesday yes. (Listen/Read the announcements next time)

        Minimum one page for the reflection…maybe a maximum of 3 pages.

        And thanks, Happy Easter too!


      • Mr.MadGenius (Rayan) says:

        sorry Mr. Anseline. I was aware but was confirming the same for my mom as she was worried if anyone would be at school that time


      • Master Shifu says:

        As much as you want, it really depends on you!


      • Master Shifu says:

        Happy easter
        Joyeux easter
        Collar o easter
        Ihkk I j easter


  4. Mallark says:



  5. Mallark says:

    I realized I never said Happy Easter to u.. Happy Easter!


  6. D. Anseline says:

    Haha, so sweet 🙂 Happy Easter!


  7. Abdullah is Spongebob lol says:

    happy easter everyone!
    da link to play agario with me and my sister! Comment your name below so we can team!
    My name is Earth and my sister’s name is Moon!


  8. Mr.MadGenius (Rayan) says:

    Can i play abdullah ???


  9. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    Wow Eatonville Confirmed, YAY


  10. Master Shifu says:



  11. Mallark says:

    I might not have my glasses on tuesday. 😦


  12. Abdullah is Spongebob lol says:

    mr anseline can i do a google docs for the creative summary? I want to put the text on the slides with the pictures.


  13. Maha says:

    HAPPY EASTER to all of YOU…
    Oh Yeah Eatonvill is Confirmed😮🙊

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  14. Abdullah is Spongebob lol says:

    happy easter

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  15. Mr.MadGenius (Rayan) says:

    Do any of you guys want to play with me ??


  16. Mr.MadGenius (Rayan) says:

    And Happy Easter everyon😋✌🏻


  17. Mr.MadGenius (Rayan) says:



  18. Mallark says:


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  19. Mallark says:

    Aww thx mr. Anseline for backing me up, cause I’m supposed to be nice. But I think we all now I’m thinking of so many disses for Mufasa right now. u said it was day 4 tomorrow right?


  20. Abdullah is Spongebob lol says:

    yes hannah it is day 4 tomorrow


  21. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    Wat I thought it was going to be day 5.


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