22 March

  • Maths H/w – Download here
  • Excursion form + money
  • Cinéfranco critiques

Will be posting the video about LPP project soon.

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97 Responses to 22 March

  1. D. Anseline says:

    Mr. Muchacho missing the time when no comments were allowed…


  2. #lei says:

    wow josh I envy you right now, all i have is very large carrots, which btw are delicious but i still want oreos
    alexa we should have a max and ruby marathon, my favourite episode is when ruby works at the candy store and shes sorting the candy
    i have all my stuffed animal friends with me and we were just drinking tea with NO sugar like adults do so we’re pretty grown up.
    we were discussing very important issues


  3. #lei says:

    it was raspberry tea by the way and grandma betty (my stuffed bunny, long story) was being clumsy and spilt it all over the carpet and i put a pillow on it so hopefully my mom wont notice. this is all true by the way just ask my cat


  4. Cookie Monster says:



  5. Gaby says:

    I liked it when he fell off the beanstalk


  6. Storyteller 😉 says:



  7. Storyteller 😉 says:

    My brother is making me comment something idw to “it’ll make everyone love you ” he claims


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