The Little Prince

Hello everybody πŸ™‚

As you might have heard already, Netflix just picked up the rights to The Little Prince and I believe it might soon be available on it.

Just a reminder that if you decide to watch it on your own before our class trip, not to say anything that will spoil the movie experience for the rest of us.

Seriously though, I would wait till we all go see it together in theatres and in 3D πŸ™‚

See you all Monday! (Tuesday for Alexa and Alexi) Β (Next Monday for Mallark)


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4 Responses to The Little Prince

  1. Abdullah says:

    watch it if you want but if you dont wanna spoil it dont watch it today i went to the movies with my camp to watch zootopia and it showed some ads about The Little Prince


  2. Abdullah says:

    GUYS if you didnt know what a muzzle actually was (i didnt) it’s not a leash that ties you somewhere. you put it on something and it can still walk and use its hands, but it just cant bite. I think the little prince wanted one because he didnt want the flower to be eaten


  3. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    Please no one spoil the movie if you will watch it on Netflix as a lot of people in are class have Netflix. So if you will watch the movie than keep your mouth shut to people that don’t want to know what happens. If someone asks whats it about you can tell them though hopefully they won’t spoil it to someone else.


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