09 March

  • Maths Assignment to be handed in by Friday
  • Essays to be handed in by Friday
  • Social Studies Research (3 imports, 3 exports)
  • No Specific h/w for tomorrow
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52 Responses to 09 March

  1. The Chocolate Croissants Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    Yes again hat trick. Thnx for always early hw post


  2. Mallark says:

    wow I have a good excuse, I could not leave cause everyone was hugging me and saying good bye. 🙂 Thx for the homework! I’ll miss u guys a lot, I’ll still be first on the website in Mexico though! Remember, the next time u guys see m, I’ll be in glasses! 😀 Ttyl


  3. D. Anseline says:

    Enjoy your trip Hannah 🙂


  4. Mallark says:

    thx Mr. Anseline! See you soon!


  5. The Chocolate Croissants Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    Have a good trip Hannah. Mr.Anseline will we have our Petite Prince questions in tomorrow? At least anything in tomorrow like Math LPP or My groups Drama. Have a great day everyone. 🙂


    • Master Shifu says:

      See you Hannah. The bonds between friendship is never ever broken. It including Gaby, safia and the rest


  6. The Chocolate Croissants Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    God it duplicated you can delete the first one without the smiley face.


  7. The Chocolate Croissants Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    We might want to make a party for Eric since it will be her last day. I’m just trying to be nice.


    • Cookie Monster says:

      Mustafa that was supposed to be a secret! remember when I went out into the hall with mr. Anseline to talk in “private”, well that’s what I was talking about!


    • Storyteller 😉 says:

      Ahem, there is an a at the end if u haven’t noticed 😉


  8. Ilwat says:

    Have a good day everyone and thx for the hw post! 😀


  9. Ilwat says:

    have a safe and wonderful trip Hannah! 🙂

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  10. Abdullah says:

    lol i was asleep


  11. Abdullah says:

    Have a fun time Hannah!

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  12. Mr.Baran says:

    Have a great day and Mufassa the party is a secret have a great day everyone. Have a great trip Hanah see you all tomorrow

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  13. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    Ok it’s a secret.


  14. Abdullah says:



  15. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    Shhhhh it’s a secret.


  16. Abdullah says:



  17. Mallark says:

    Omg wow mufasa imma let Alexa say genius on this one. Thx everyone and Josh, u spelt my name wrong, but its the thought that count right?

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  18. Mr.MadGenius (Rayan) says:

    Have a good time and safe trip


  19. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    Well I didn’t know just thought of it GENIUS.


  20. Mallark says:

    yea but u know Erica can see the comments GENIUS.


  21. Mallark says:

    btw thx Rayan


  22. D. Anseline says:

    lol was just gonna say…you guys are planning a secret party…on a public website 🙂


  23. Mallark says:

    lol ikr. HAHHAHAAHAH EVEN MR. ANSELINE IS ON MY SIDE! How was the eco movie night? how many people showed up?


  24. Abdullah says:

    😀 my return is happening tomorrow i dont have to be stuck with a heavy cough in bed


  25. Abdullah says:

    lol i havent seen anyone from school in person since friday


  26. Abdullah says:

    im still kinda sick though so the next person to laugh when i say i like school will get coughed on and given the flu!


  27. Abdullah says:

    this english project is so hard where do we get some fancy program to make some slide show


  28. Anonymous says:

    Omg only 4 people showed up? I would’ve come but u know…
    Lol Aryan, I was crafing so hard too! Have a food day at school tomorrow guys! See y’all soon!🙂


  29. Ilwat says:

    Aryan and Elizabeth I made a document for the social studies I just need to know your usernames so I can share it with you guys. REMEMBER EACH OF YOU DO 1 IMPORT AND 1 EXPORT


  30. Cookie Monster says:

    Aryan you’re too funny and btw I can cover food for the “party” shh.


  31. Abdullah says:

    mr anseline can i re-print my science project my partner Ayan handed it in but there were some mistakes


  32. Abdullah says:

    well actually im not sure i was sick for four days


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