Studyladder Update

Hello everyone,

I know this is late but you can still get a lot of use and practice out of it.

I have added 18 activities on Study Ladder that relate to fractions and percentages. It would be very useful for you to complete as many as you can as review and preparation for next week’s quiz.

I have also changed the system so that you don’t need a password anymore. You can just scroll to your name and click “go”.  I hope you use this resource.

A demain. 🙂

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5 Responses to Studyladder Update

  1. D. Anseline says:

    I hope you all saw/read this.


  2. Abdullah da Pro says:

    i did 😀


  3. Ilwat says:

    And so did I


  4. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    I have seen this also.


  5. M4DGENiUS (rayan) says:

    I have seen this too, this is really helpful..thank you 🙂


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