02 March

  • LPP Questions Chapter 24
  • Social Studies Sheet
  • Dress warmly tomorrow
  • C+ or lower – Get your test signed and return them
  • Penpals Letters, if they aren’t handed in tomorrow, it’s detention.


-Maths Assignment monday
– Maths Quiz Tuesday
– Vocabulaire Friday

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23 Responses to 02 March

  1. Gaby.Glitter✨ says:



  2. Abdullah da Pro says:

    thank you for early


  3. The Chocolate croissants muncher says:

    That’s not fair she is at home I win


  4. The Chocolate croissants muncher says:

    First comment to me and thanks for hw post


  5. Mallark says:

    who is the croissants muncher? Thx too, roads are bad at my house.


  6. Mallark says:

    didn’t you say u were gonna put the pictures up from today? Please do so. Also, I wanted to know if we are or are not going to eat lunch at the mall tomorrow so we can pack a lunch or bring money.


  7. Gaby.Glitter✨ says:

    I hope everyone had a sparkly glimmering day in the snow 🌨✨⭐️


  8. D. Anseline says:

    If you want you can have your lunch at the mall tomorrow, but we will back at school by 11h30. So that would be an early lunch. And yes, I’ll post the pictures soon.


    • Anonymous says:

      But,what are wee gonna do in clover dale mall? It is a huge shop with absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we are coming to school everyday to learn.


  9. Master Shifu says:

    Oh sorry, that was me

    STUPID PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Mr.Baran says:

    Thanks for the homework and I hope everyone can come to school tomorrow by the way I am so exited to go to the mall. Also Mustafa and Abdullah tell your parents to stay after school to practice our movie thanks and bye.


  11. Mr.Baran says:

    Sorry I ment to say drama not movie


  12. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    Josh my parents already know it’s all good. YO I GOT LOPEZ AS WELL FOR 5K. #snipe Lol


  13. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    JOSH THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH OUR SCRIPT. We will talk about it tomorrow after school.


  14. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    What’s 24 in roman numerals?


  15. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s XXIV.


  16. The Chocolate Croissant Muncher (Mufasa) says:

    Mr. Anseline if you know what period is instrumental tomorrow cause gym is period 1 and I do not want to miss gym unless were doing that puzzle activity, then #BoringGym.


  17. Mallark says:

    Yea mufasa we r missing gym, unless band and strings r cancelled. I know this is late, but when we go to the mall will we have time to eat or will we come back, and then at lunch the people who wanna eat lunch at the mall go by themselves?


  18. Cookie Monster says:

    mr. Anseline can we buy lunch at the mall?


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