23 February

  • Keep working on your essays
  • Penpals letter due this week.
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14 Responses to 23 February

  1. Cookie monster says:

    Mr Anseline I have no homework and I’m wondering how to do the summary of pΓ¨re noΓ«l?


  2. Mallark says:

    Omg I was working and I forgot to comment! Thx for the homework


  3. Ilwat says:

    Thx for the homework Mr. Anseline ! πŸ™‚


  4. Mr. Sheikali says:

    Until tomorrow and thanks for the homework post.


  5. Mr. Sheikali says:

    When is the penpal letters exactly due Thursday.


  6. Mr. Sheikali says:

    Sensei can we do an activity with our twin class tomorrow, it’s been ages since we last did something with them. That’s if we have time and it would be nice if we could do something with them again.


  7. Mr. Sheikali says:

    Also why can’t other people like other people’s comments.


  8. Cookie Monster says:

    Ok I understand but you never gave us a sheet


  9. Mr. Sheikali says:

    Yeah she is right we never got a sheet to do a critique on.


  10. Mr. Sheikali says:

    Is it pizza day tomorrow I think it is.


  11. Abdullah da Pro says:

    i dont think last week was so i think this week will be


  12. #lei says:

    When is the penpal letters due


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