Class dance song

Glad we finally agreed. We’ll do half of each song.


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14 Responses to Class dance song

  1. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    lol ik all these songs they are overplayed in my house


  2. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    Also we should do wedding dress if not then the same guy has another song called “Ringa Linga”.
    It sounds babyish but it’s a really good song


  3. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    all the english songs that all you guys want are really fast and it’s gonna be hard to dance to them


  4. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    raagish you was on at 10:26 pm wow


  5. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    oops im stupid 20h is 8pm


  6. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    +Raagi im gonna bring my ds tommorow to play alpha sapphire during the dance 😀 if you’re not going raagish you can watch me


  7. Mr. Sheikali says:

    I am ok with both though my heart is telling me to go with Always and my brain is telling me I am fine with both should I trust my heart or brain?


  8. Storyteller 😉 says:

    Ahem, it was agreed to do a Dance battle. Right?🤔


  9. Mallark says:

    Omg first of all, who is storyteller and we are doing a mashup of both songs not a dance battle


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