29 January

  • No homework
  • Have a great weekend everybody! Rest up 🙂  We start February on Monday 😀
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19 Responses to 29 January

  1. Alexa the Awesome says:

    Thanks for giving us no homework mr Anseline!😄

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  2. Mallark says:

    Yea thx mr Anseline. 😇

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  3. Alexa the Awesome says:

    I really appreciate it☺️

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  4. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    Thx for no homework!

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  5. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    yay today i got a 3DS


  6. Alexa the Awesome says:


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  7. Alexa the Awesome says:

    I have a blue one


  8. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    nice i got a red one


  9. Emma Watson says:

    I have a blue and black one


  10. D. Anseline says:

    I have a website where students think it’s okay to socialize and talk about their possessions.


  11. Alexa the Awesome says:

    Sorry mr. Anseline

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  12. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    ok i will stop

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  13. Alexa the Awesome says:

    Me too


  14. Mufasa says:

    Thanks for no home work I highly appreciate it and i’m so glad JANUARY IS OVER.


  15. Safia says:

    It’s not over yet😑


  16. Mallark says:

    lol ikr Safia.


  17. Mallark says:

    YAY the homework is on nice and early! Thx Sensai. 😜


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