15 January

  • Mathematics Architechtural and Forensics Initiation due Tuesday
  • LPP Presentation Tuesday as well
  • Lettre officielle wednesday
  • Dance Presentation wednesday

Have a good weekend my awesome Grade 6s.

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23 Responses to 15 January

  1. Ericanno says:

    Nice n early m muchacho 😀😁😋


  2. Ericanno says:

    Mermaids And aardvarks faking invasion 😃 MAAFI


  3. Anonymous says:

    For question 3 on the math assignment, do I need to create two venn diagrams or only one?


  4. Mufasa says:

    I thought the french official letter was due on Monday


  5. Abdullah says:

    Mr. Anseline, if we have to do presentations tomorrow, can i pass? My voice can’t last that long. I am sick.


  6. Mufasa says:

    Hope you feel better Abdullah. 🙂


  7. Abdullah says:

    Ty mustafa 🙂


  8. Abdullah says:

    Hey guys, I’m still coughing and have a runny nose but I’m feeling better. Hopefully i will be at school tomorrow.


  9. Abdullah says:

    Mr. Anseline, can Chapitre XV in LPP get another day to finish? I had all the papers and was going to finish today but got sick. Thank you!


  10. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    If we can not get another day, then I will finish LPP alone.


  11. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    Maybe not all of it though


  12. momo says:

    get well soon Abdullah


  13. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    im coming to school tomorrow but I might not be able to finish LPP Chapitre XV


  14. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    ty momo 😀


  15. Abdullah 2.0 says:

    I don`t know what my group did but we could not finish it last week we had a long chapter and could not finish the summary


  16. Ilwat says:

    Don’t worry Abdullah we did everything and good morning everybody!!!!!! 😀


  17. Ilwat says:

    I know what is for homework but I just want to make sure I did it so can you please post the homework? 🙂


  18. Abia likes cheese says:

    Ur probably asking why i came to this old of a post .-. But it was on my birthday (; JANUARY 15 😀


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