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29 January

No homework Have a great weekend everybody! Rest up 🙂  We start February on Monday 😀 Advertisements

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29 Janvier – Passé Composé

Hello 6B, do watch this video and enjoy having a virtual teacher for 10mins. There will be work to be done once you’re done watching this. Have fun 🙂

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28 January

Vocabulaire Excursion form + money Interview form Jersey Day

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Gotta love french :)

Check out these expressions and words unique to the French language that express emotions, situations or things that are very much part of the human condition. 🙂 Beautiful french expressions

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27 January

Maths make up assignment due tomorrow Official letter re-do’s due tomorrow Social Studies Case study (if you haven’t handed in yet) Excursion form + money Interview forms Be at school tomorrow Upcoming:  Vocabulaire for friday  

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Interview Forms

Hello to all parents and guardians, this is to inform you that interview forms were sent out with the kids today. Should you want to set up an interview, please fill out the form and return it to me as … Continue reading

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26 January

Maths Test tomorrow ( All about cartesian plane, reflections, translations and rotations) Excursion form + money Interview forms (if applicable) Upcoming: -Official letter re-do’s due thursday -Maths make up assignment due thursday

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25 January

Practice Test to be taken up tomorrow Formulaire d’excursion + $8 (by Friday) Upcoming: – Make-up assignment due thursday (can be done/completed in class) – Any letter redos also due thursday – Maths Test Wednesday  

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21 January

I figured you wouldn’t rush to see what the homework is so it’s a little late today. 🙂 Social Studies Case study No maths h/w (but it doesn’t hurt to practice) 7 Dance Presentations remaining French Letter re-dos if need … Continue reading

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Diagonal reflections

Diagonal reflections Watch this video if you are still unsure about diagonal reflections.

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