Le site web

Est-ce que tu aimes le site web de la classe?

Est-ce que tu veux commencer à faire des discussions sur le site web?

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21 Responses to Le site web

  1. D. Anseline says:

    Boys and girls,
    1. Have a proper name when you comment. You can make it fun, but all of us should be able to identify who is talking. For example, Joshua can name himself “baraneski” if he wants to, but not “alien no 3” .

    2. This is a test to see if you enjoy this kind of activity, but if you ignore the question and use it as a social platform to chat amongst yourselves, I will turn it off.

    3. Write properly.


  2. Ericano says:

    okey dokey M. Muchacho 🙂


  3. D. Anseline says:

    No we cannot. Change it to a more identiable one.


  4. Mallark says:

    So many rules, but i must admit they are good ones.

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  5. Mallark says:

    Hi Mr. Anseline thx for putting the homework on the website early. Even though you told me at school i was just double checking 🙂
    Have fun at extra help!!!!!!!!

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  6. Yash says:

    Thx for putting the home work on the website!

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  7. Ilwat says:

    what is for homework today????? 😦


  8. Mallark says:

    Ilwat if you didn’t finish your english letter then its due tomorrow.


  9. Ilwat says:

    When we come back to school will it be a day 3? Sorry to disturb you guys at this time I didn’t mean to be rude. So please answer as soon as possible because school is on Monday.


  10. Ilwat says:

    Thanks for telling me Mr.Anseline! 🙂


  11. Mallark says:

    Hope you fell better mr. Muchacho! 🙂 😀


  12. Mufasa says:

    Get well soon I don’t know how to put imoges sad face how do you put imoges?

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  13. Ilwat says:

    I hope you feel better Mr.Anseline I know how much you love to be at school. 🙂

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  14. Mallark says:

    Thx 4 putting the homework on the website so early. Im impressed.

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  15. Mallark says:

    Mr Muchacho, ur the only person who likes the comments. TEE HEE HEE!


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